Ultimate free traffic method

In this post I will describe how to use your traffic on any  platform ( TE, PTC, RevShare etc… ) to get additional advertising without needs to pay anything and without needs to surf.

Traffic platform is Auto Traffic Magnet (ATM).
If you dont have ATM account, you can register here.

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To get a lots of views I recommend Traffic Ad Bar, but of course you can use any other platform you want.

Every view on primary traffic source will earn credits on ATM -> more views -> more credits -> more additional traffic on ATM!

Traffic Ad Bar have some unique TE features which other TE don´t have.

( level ladder, profile views, extra points and views, special upgrade offers,

great affiliate program, most of traffic is from USA, Canada, UK )

If you want to try Traffic Ad Bar you can join here.

Traffic Ad Bar Level ladder

Higher level => more hits!

Example: level 10 and above => additional 1022 hits every 3 days.

Automated hits without needs to surf!


How to start?

First you need to mask your affiliate / referral / website or blog link with ATM link:

( on ATM members area )


Link will be similar to this ( one my link for example ):


Your ATM link you need to put into your primary traffic platform.

You can click on link to see that your ad will have on the bottom banner ad from some other ATM member.

On the same way your ad will be showing on other ATM members websites.

Ad have duration 15 seconds and then disappear.

Every view on ATM masked link will earn ATM credits.

To use credits you need to setup ads on ATM ( ads section ):


Then you need to wait for admin approval ( usually takes 1-2 days ).

With this ultimate free traffic system I receive additional advertising space.

My ad example without upgraded membership:

Usually on Traffic Ad Bar I have 1000+ views on daily basis and I receive 1000+ banner views on ATM network.

If you made upgrade you can enjoy in some cool benefits: 1:1 views instead 2:1 ( 1000 views on any network gives you 1000 views on ATM ), font editor ( different sizes and colors ), ability to upload images, email up to 100 random selected members if you have fewer than 100 referrals, 50 % affiliate commision + some more features explained on site.

Example 2 my ads with upgraded membership and editor:

You can also combine text and image.


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  1. Thank you for this very useful free traffic method tutorial!
    You have a very nice blog 🙂

    • Thank you Monica for your nice comment.
      Hope that this traffic method will be useful for you :-).
      New content coming soon…

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